Loans, Financing, and Your Financial Life

Equipment Refinancing—Smart Business Practices

Investing in equipment that will be used to generate cash may require that a commercial business owner takes out a loan. As time passes, high interest rates, balloon payments, and limited working capital may encourage an owner to seek refinancing services.

Credit Changes

A business owner may endure changes in their credit worthiness, allowing them to obtain a loan that will not be as costly to pay back. If a consumer's credit rating has increased, their lender may offer them refinancing options that will incur lower interest rates, reduced payment amounts, and a more flexible repayment schedule. A consumer should keep track of their credit history and any changes in their credit report. This will guide them in deciding when to seek refinancing options.

Balloon Payments

Balloon payments are increased payments that a borrower may not initially be responsible for paying. If the monetary amount that needs to be paid back for equipment purchases will eventually increase, a business owner may discover that they are not able to handle their business expenses any longer. If a business owner incurs slow seasons when work is scarce, they may decide to look into having an equipment loan refinanced.

The equity that a loan consumer has built up may deem them eligible for refinancing that will provide them with more cash in their pocket and fewer loan expenses in the immediate future. A consumer should keep track of their loan terms to determine if there will be a fluctuation in how much money will need to be paid back to a lender.

Limited Working Capital

Working capital is needed for day-to-day operations. A business owner can determine how much capital they have by deducting their business expenses from the total amount of money that is taken in. If working capital falls below an amount that a business owner is comfortable with, they may decide to refinance the loan that they took out to acquire some of their business equipment.

Having access to more funds will allow a business owner to maintain or expand their services. A business owner can use funds to catch up on monthly bills or to purchase another piece of equipment that will aid in operating a business. A business owner may not have an immediate need for more funding but may be mainly interested in having a cushion to fall back on. If refinancing is sought, a business owner can place the additional funds in a savings account that will grow interest.

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